AMARILLOMAGENTA is a design studio founded by Julian Arenas. Located in Bogotá - Colombia, focused on art direction and specialized identity development. We produce corporate image, where all efforts are focused on productions with an special treatment of graphic style.

We like to think that our work is different, focused mainly on clear ideas, details and final quality to everything we do. Basically, our idea with AMARILLOMAGENTA Studio is wether to build an entire project based from creative ideas to achieve creative graphics or to develop part of some project in which we can contribute with our work, always keeping in mind the quality of a final product.


Graphic Director and Composer, noted for his work and experience in visual identity. Passionate about illustration, creation and Lettering composition. Music, art and colors are its main source of inspiration.


Director / Graphic Composer

Graphic designer noted for her high interest in investigation, drawing and illustration. Passionate about documentary photography, image produccion and ethno-cultural environments that invite to inspiration


Graphic Composer

Graphic Designer noted for her creative and innovative skills in image processing. Passionate about photographic post-production and digital publishing. Her inspiration is nature, city and color.


Graphic Composer

People Who Trusted Us

We are so proud of our clients and our partners...


"Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration"

Thomas Edison - Inventor at E.E.U.U.

“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.”

Scott Belsky - CEO at Behance

“Everything in life should be approached as a project. Every project can be broken down into just three things: Action Steps, Backburner Items, and References.”

Scott Belsky - CEO at Behance

“Constant motion is the key to execution.”

Scott Belsky - CEO at Behance